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Our individual mini desserts are always made to order from scratch.

To ensure their deliciousness, we make each dessert using only premium ingredients.

Mini shooters make a great dessert table. We usually suggest having 2 shooters per guest. 

2 dozen minimum per flavor 

Shooters come in a clear plastic cup with a plastic spoon



Chocolate Mousse Shooter - $4.50


Passion Fruit Mousse Shooter - $4.50


Chocolate Shooter

Chocolate cake and chocolate mousse layers topped with chantilly cream - $4.50


Lemon Raspberry Shooter

Vanilla chiffon cake, lemon mousse, and fresh raspberry layers - $4.50


Key lime Shooter

Graham cracker crust, key lime mousse layers topped with chantilly cream  - $4.50


Strawberry Shortcake Shooter

Vanilla chiffon cake, chantilly cream, and fresh strawberry layers - $4.50


Tiramisu Shooter

Vanilla chiffon cake brushed with coffee syrup and mascarpone cream layers - $4.50



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