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  • What are the cake prices for custom wedding and celebration cakes?
    You can access our full price list here. Custom cakes start at a base price for minimum decorations and the final price is calculated based on the amount of time it will take us to achieve the chosen design. The more intricate the design, the more it will cost. For example, hand sculped elements take longer to make than those made with a mold. We strive to work within our customer's budget and to mix techniques for a stunting result. You might be shopping around for the best price on the cake for your event. While that makes sense when you're looking at your event budget, in the end, we all get what we pay for. Lovely Cakes isn't the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive in the custom cake arena. We'll give you a fair price for a job well-done; a beautiful, delicious cake made with fresh ingredients and decorated with expertise...and love.
  • Can I come for a tasting?
    We only offer tastings for cakes serving 60 or more (or 120 cupcakes minimum). Tastings must be booked at least one week in advance. We book tastings on weekdays 10 am-4 pm and Saturdays 10 am-2 pm. Saturday appointments fill up quickly, we are usually booking about 4-6 ahead. We offer tastings in our studio, boxed to go, or shipped overnight. You can review more information about the tasting options here. Alternativity you can purchase our cake cubes and cake pops from the Candlewood Market at 85 Mill Plain Rd unit O, Fairfield, CT.
  • How far in advance should I order a cake?
    We require at least one week's notice for all orders provided that we have availability for that date. But we suggest that you book with more notice than that. We often get dates fully booked a couple of months in advance. For larger events, like weddings, we suggest booking your cake 4-6 months in advance.
  • How to order a custom cake?
    To order a cake you must send us a picture of the cake, the amount of servings needed and the date of your event. The cake picture can be from our galleries or a picture that you found online. Once we receive your inquiry we will reply with a quote and an order form for you to place the order. Please allow at least 48 hours for us to reply to your inquiry. You can also place an order for our Signature Cake line and basic cupcakes and cake pops directly on our website shop. We require at least one week's notice for all orders provided that we have availability for that date. We often get fully booked a few months in advance, so we suggest planning ahead. You can email us at or use the contact form. Make sure to include: cake picture, amount of servings and date.
  • What is your minimum order?
    The smallest cake we make is serves 15. Minimum order for cupcakes is 24 cupcakes. Minimum order for cake pops is 24 cake pops. Minimum order for shooters is 24 shooters.
  • What cake sizes are available?
    We will adjust the size of cake your cake to feed the amount of servings you need. Our smallest size is a 7" cake servings 15. Our regular cakes are taller than a cake that you would get from a regular bakery. So the same cake size will serve more due to the extra height.
  • Do you have a store front? Can I stop by and buy a cupcake?
    We do not have a store front with items for immediate sale. Our cake cubes and cake pops are available for purchase at the Candlewood Market at 85 Mill Plain Rd unit O, Fairfield, CT. Coming to our cake studio and commercial kitchen for a consultation is by appointment only. Ordering a cake can by done via email.
  • What is fondant?
    Fondant is a sugar paste used to cover cakes and to make edible decorations, figurines and sugar flowers. Fondant tastes similar to marshmallow. Although most people find the taste of fondant pleasant, it can be too much too much if its rolled thick. By rolling the fondant thin and by putting it over a buttercream frosted cake. as opposed directly onto the cake, we keep the fondant from drying out.
  • What is Swiss meringue buttercream?
    The name buttercream became interchangeable with frosting and that can be very confusing. We have many people tell us that they usually don't like buttercream but they like our buttercream. That is because we use Swiss meringue buttercream. A buttercream that is not too sweet and it is very airy and fluffy like whip cream or mousse. Since our buttercream actually contains butter (European butter!), it must be consumed at room temperature to have the perfect creamy and airy consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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