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My love for baking began when I was still a child in Brazil. My grandmother was my biggest culinary teacher and remains to this day my greatest inspiration. The artistic eye came from my mom, a plastic artist and muralist. By combining what I have learned and inherited from both of them, I am now able to create delicious and beautiful cakes!


The baking was put aside when I moved to New York to pursue my dream of becoming an airline pilot. I attended flight school in Long Island and although I decided that flying wasn’t for me, I met my future husband in school and ended up making the U.S. my home. My love for baking re-ignited when I first became a mother and enjoyed making every birthday cake better than the last. In my pursuit to mastery I started attending cake decorating classes and attended the Mini Pastry Program at the French Culinary Institute in New York.


Before I knew Lovely Cakes was launched and the rest is cake history!

It didn’t take long before my artistic cakes started to get recognition and won multiple awards including being picked by BRIDES Magazine America's Most Beautiful Cakes 2011.  


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only with a special work of art but with the most delicious cakes as well. Each cake is made from scratch using only premium ingredients and is customized to enhance your celebration.


I just love making cakes and being part on people’s specials moments and celebrations and I look forward to the opportunity to create you a Lovely Cake!

Renata Papadopoulos

Renata Papadopoulos

owner and cake designer

I believe in:


you do,

do it well


act with






there is 

will, there 

is a way

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