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Most often, we can complete your celebration cake order by phone and email.


If there is a need to meet, all consultations are by appointment only at our studio located 195 Charles Street - Stratford, CT (3/4 mile off exit 30 on I-95).

Please be prompt so we have enough time to discuss every details of your cake.


Cake Inspiration


Once you have shared your inspiration and vision or theme the design process will start to take place.

Our portfolio exemplifies our meticulous attention to detail, as well as different techniques and style that sets Lovely Cakes apart, but you are not at all limited to these designs. We aim to achieve a clean and elegant design that truly reflects you and your event.


The size of the cake and your budget may influence your custom cake design.

Here are some options that will affect the design and price of your cake:

  • Round cakes are the least expensive shape.

  • Adding tiers increases the price. A one-tier cake serving 30 will be less costly than a two-tier cake serving 30.

  • Fresh flowers are always less expensive than handmade. We offer many choices for flowers, ranging from quick fondant cut-outs, to ultra-realistic sugar paste flowers. They are priced according to how time consuming they are to make.



  • Sculpted 3D cakes require lots of planning and often the construction of a custom internal support. We love the challenge to defy cake boundaries and create a true showstopper.  This type of cake design is the most costly but worth the splurge!


When it comes to character cakes we can incorporate the beloved characters in many different ways. They can be made from edible images, flat fondant cutouts, figurines or sculpted into cake. Each of these options takes different amounts of time to make, thus affecting the price of the cake accordingly.  The options are listed from most affordable to more costly.


We hope to create the absolute perfect cake - for you.


We deliver to events everywhere in Connecticut, Westchester County - NY, and the New York Metro area or you may choose to pick up your cake from our studio.

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