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Birthday parties are 3 hours long.

The party includes:

-Upon arrival kids decorate a cake box with their bakery logo. (15-20 minutes)

-Demonstration on how to pipe borders and a frosting rose. Kids then practice piping the borders and flowers out of royal icing. (30-40 minutes)

-Demonstration on how to cover a cake in fondant and how to make a few fondant decorations like: bow, flower, animal figurine. Each child gets a 5" cake to cover in fondant and decorate. They will use the techniques demonstrated along with a variety of cutters and molds that will be available to them. Decorated cakes are placed in their customized boxes for them to take home (60-75 minutes)

-Pizza and drinks are served (15-20 minutes)

-We sing happy birthday and serve cake (15-20 minutes)


$1100 for 10 kids

Pizza, drinks and 6" birthday cake are included in the price

Cake Class
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